German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

Train formation facility (ZBA)

Halle's freight facilities are also being upgraded. The marshalling yard (to the north-east of the main station) will be expanded and connected to form one of the most up-to-date train formation facilities in Europe by 2018.

(Video: DB AG)
(Photo: DB AG)

Halle is also a major rail freight hub. A marshalling yard, the Halle-North train formation facility, is located to the north-east of the line. In parallel to the Halle hub project, the Halle-North marshalling yard will be upgraded to form one of the most modern train formation facilities in Europe by 2017, becoming the principal facility of its type in Central Germany.

(Photo: DB AG)

The purpose of a train formation facility is to marshal goods wagons from incoming trains into new rakes so that they and other wagons can form a new train which is as long as possible. Such long-distance bundled transport is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and meets the demands of an ecologically expedient transport policy.

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