German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

The Saale-Elster Viaduct project

South of Halle (Saale), the new line from Erfurt to Leipzig/Halle crosses the Saale-Elster floodplain on a viaduct with a length of around 6.5 kilometres. In addition, the city of Halle is being connected to the new line by means of an additional 2.1-kilometre line on the bridge. This merging with the Weißenfels-Halle line takes place before the new station of Halle-Ammendorf.

Saale-Elster-Talbrücke im September 2014
Saale-Elster Viaduct 2014 (Photo: DB AG/Klaus Heinrich)

Facts and figures

Construction length of main bridge: 6,465 m
Bridge width: 13.90 m
Width for line branching off: 29.2 m
Speed on main bridge: 300 km/h
Track centre distance: 4 m
Bridge heigh: max. 21 m
Girder span (cantilever length): 44 m
Suspended deck arch bridge (overpass structure) span length: 110 m
Bridge supports: 208
Length of bridge for line branching off to Halle: 2.112 km
Width of bridge for line branching off to Halle: 8.9 m
Speed on line branching off: 160 km/h
Superstructure construction type for the tracks: ballastless slab track
Completion: 2012
(Graphic: DB AG)

The continuous bridge from Erfurt eastwards links the line to the section from Gröbers to Leipzig airport/Halle, Leipzig trade fair centre, Leipzig central station and the Leipzig freight distribution centre. It takes the Erfurt-Halle branch over a suspended deck arch bridge on which the deck is suspended from a steel arch. In this section the Saale-Elster Viaduct is wider to accommodate four tracks. In the other sections it has two tracks.

Saale-Elster Viaduct 2012
Saale-Elster Viaduct 2012 (Photo: DB AG)
Saale-Elster Viaduct 2012
Saale-Elster Viaduct 2012 (Photo: DB AG)

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