German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

Supplementary measures

Peissen level crossings

The lifting barrier level crossings at km 6.1 and 6.5 in Peissen on line 6345 (Halle (Saale) Hauptbahnhof – Falkenberg (Elster) – Cottbus - Guben) are being upgraded in two phases. Firstly, the flashing lights will be removed as part of the flashing light upgrade programme and line 6345 singled at the level crossing at km 6.1 (in 2015).

This will create space for the new adjoining road, already prepared, at the level crossing at km 6.1 with a link to the trading estate. The level crossing will be moved by several metres. The level crossing at km 6.5 will be upgraded first and used as a diversionary route during the reconstruction of the level crossing at km 6.1, in order not to impede road traffic throughout the entire construction phase.

The level crossings will be connected to the newly-constructed Peissen/Reussen electronic signalling centre A in a second phase, in the course of modernisation of line 6345. The level crossing at km 6.1 will also be modified to suit the new track layout at Peissen station (probably from 2018).

(Photo: DB AG)
(Photo: DB AG)

Halle-Rosengarten project

The Halle-Rosengarten project will include reconstruction of the platforms and accesses at Rosengarten halt, and the replacement of two railway bridges over Merseburger Strasse and one over Brühlstrasse (line 6343) by new structures. Some of the track and overhead line equipment will be replaced. The track layout will be retained. The major project works will probably be carried out in 2016/2017, in coordination with the Halle hub measures.

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(Photo: DB AG)
(Graphic: DB AG)
(Graphic: DB AG)
(Photo: DB AG)

Southern connections at Halle

The southern connections at Halle consist of:

  • Halle-Thuringia line junction (At)
  • Halle-Kassel line junction (Ac)
  • Halle-Ammendorf junction and halt
  • Halle-Ammendorf with branch to the Saale-Elster viaduct

This section is being upgraded to a line speed of 130 km/h for fast ICE through trains on the Berlin – Erfurt route continuing to Fulda/Frankfurt am Main or Nuremberg/Munich (in both directions), and to 160 km/h (from Halle-Kassel line junction). Measures include:

  • Replacement of overhead line equipment
  • Modification of control and safety equipment (signals)
  • Track replacement
  • New crossover at the Halle-Thuringia line and Halle-Ammendorf junctions
  • New road bridges on Dieselstrasse, Kasseler Strasse, Industriestrasse and Hohe Strasse
  • A new flyover at Halle-Ammendorf to create a grade-separated junction for the new VDE 8.2 line (from the Saale-Elstertal viaduct) with the existing Merseburg – Halle – Nietleben line.
  • Noise barriers
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(Photo: DB AG)
(Photo: DB AG)

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