German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

The supporting structure of the Stöbnitz Viaduct

In accordance with the overall plan for the supporting structure of sectional girders in concrete, a distance between pillars of 24 m (22 m for the end span) and 6.50m for the shear legs has been set. A viaduct length of 297 m emerges.

Stöbnitz Viaduct 3D view (Image: DB AG)

The two-track superstructures are formed by 2 x 5-span continuous girders and 2 x 2-span continuous girders. The supports are rounded columns in reinforced concrete. Deep foundations are required in the shale for the supports and abutments.

Instead of the superstructure of rolled steel girders in concrete in accordance with the master plan, a single-webbed longitudinally prestressed T-beam is used. Given the selected construction thickness of 1.25 metres, the maximum slenderness ratio is l/19.2, which ensures the required degree of robustness easily. The 2.56-metre wide traditionally reinforced cantilevers enhance the slender appearance of the superstructure. There is no need for under-deck beams in the bearing axes as in the master plan.

The edge capping on either side of the track is as in the DB master plan. Continuous cable troughs are required on both sides of the bridge because cables cannot be laid under the slab track from one side to the other.

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