German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

The supporting structure of the Saubach Viaduct

Because the tunnel tubes on either side of the bridge (the Finne Tunnel in the west and the Bibra Tunnel in the east) are each for one track only, the distance between the track centres on the bridge is 20.00 m.

(Photo: DB AG)

The substructure system consists of continuous girders across the entire length of the bridge. The superstructure cross-sections are two single-track hollow boxes in prestressed concrete. The supports taper as they get higher and are hollow. Deep foundations are required in the Middle Buntsandstein (coloured sandstone) for the supports in the valley floor. Supports, abutments and supporting walls on the slopes can have shallow foundations in the Buntsandstein. To suit the shape of the valley, the supports are spaced at intervals of 44 metres across the floor of the valley and at intervals of 37 metres and 35 meters at the two end spans. This results in a bridge length of 248 metres.

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