German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

Planning process – Project commission

(Graphic: DB AG)

The basis of the commission is the fundamental evaluation of the electronically-signalled Halle (Saale) hub of 15 December 2006, which was extended to form terms of reference for preliminary planning in 2007. The result of cooperation between the client and the contractor, acting as an integrated team, was the production of a "schedule of the operational and technical terms of reference for preliminary planning of the Halle electronically-signalled hub project and track layout redesign" of 30 August 2007. In 2008, preliminary planning of an upgrade of the Halle (Saale) hub with electronic signalling and track layout redesign was commissioned on the initiative of the Halle Production Centre of DB Netz AG's South-Eastern Regional Unit. This preliminary planning and the statements submitted to the final preliminary planning examination on 1 April 2008 constitute the terms of reference for draft planning.

The purpose of the Halle hub measures is the replacement of existing safety technology, which cannot be upgraded, by an electronic signalling system, with simultaneous rationalisation of the existing infrastructure and staffing. The planned future control of the hub from the Leipzig control centre should facilitate efficient operational management.

Halle will be served by the Munich – Berlin high-speed line by 2017.

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