German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

The Unstrut Viaduct

North of the municipalities of Karsdorf and Wetzendorf, the new line from Erfurt to Halle/Leipzig crosses the spacious Unstrut Valley.

The Unstrut Viaduct (Photo: DB AG)

Facts and figures

Viaduct length: 2,668 m
Span lengths: (3 x 58m)
(4 x 58m–116m–4 x 58m)
(4 x 58m–116m–4 x 58m)
(4 x 58m–116m–4 x 58m)
(4 x 58m–116m–4 x 58m)
(3 x 58m)
Arch span: 108 m
Maximum height: 49 m
(track above valley floor)
Standard width: 13.95 m to 15.93 m in the eastern section
Construction depth: (with slab track)
The Unstrut Viaduct, Autumn 2011 (Photo: DB AG)
(Graphic: DB AG)

This has steep limestone slopes on its east side and a gently sloping west side. The Unstrut and the intermittently water-bearing Dissau flow through the valley, and two national roads, farm tracks and the Naumburg-Reinsdorf railway line also run through it. Large areas of arable land, dry grassland, fragments of deciduous woodland and meadows with fruit trees are found in what is known as the Helme-Unstrut terraced landscape, which includes a number of protected areas. The bridge carries the new line between the Bibra Tunnel and the Osterberg Tunnel.

This is a striking structure with a lean, well structured appearance that is visible from a distance.

August 2011 (Photo: DB AG)
August 2011 (Photo: DB AG)
August 2011 (Photo: DB AG)

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