German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

The Scherkonde Viaduct

Scherkonde Viaduct
(Photo: Nürnberg Luftbild, Hajo Dietz)
The Scherkonde Viaduct Team
The Scherkonde Viaduct Team

The new Erfurt-Halle/Leipzig line crosses the Scherkonde Valley north of the municipality of Krautheim in the Weimarer Land district.

(Graphic: DB AG)

Facts and figures

Viaduct length: 576.50 m
Span lengths: 27.0 m
2 x 36.50 m
10 x 44.0 m
36.50 m
Width: 13.95 m
Construction height: 2.94 m (spans) und 4.44 m  (supports)

The valley has a steep slope on its east side and a gently sloping west side. Two farm tracks and a hiking trail cross where the new line will be by the Scherkonde Viaduct. The Scherkonde flows through the valley, and the floor of the valley also contains the Großbrembach reservoir. The water level of the reservoir fluctuates greatly because it is used to store water for agricultural purposes. Around the water inlet there are large wetland areas that are flooded at high water. The Scherkonde Valley cuts into the undulating plane of the Thuringian Basin, which is used for a wide variety of different purposes. In addition to meadows with fruit trees, woodland areas, dry grasslands and wetlands, there is arable land on the slopes that adjoins large areas of arable land to the east and west.

Scherkonde Viaduct
Scherkonde Viaduct (Photo: DB AG)
Construction using a launch girder in the early summer of 2009
Construction using a launch girder in the early summer of 2009 (Photo: DB AG)

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