German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

The new line from Ebensfeld to Erfurt

This is a standard-gauge, double-track electrified railway line for high-speed passenger and freight traffic. It has a total length of 107 kilometres.

(Graphic: DB AG)

Facts and Figures

Line length: 107 km
Design speed: 300 km/h
Tunnels: 22 (a total of 41 km)
Viaducts: 29 (a total of  12.3 km)
Information centres/points: 5

The alignment is designed for a maximum speed of 300 km/h. The track is what is known as slab track. The new line runs through 22 tunnels with a total length of 41 kilometres and over 29 viaducts with a total length of 12 kilometres. In addition, there are 5 kilometres of connecting lines to link the station at Coburg to the new line. From Ebensfeld, the line runs for 34 kilometres in Bavaria through the River Main plain and then eastwards past Coburg. The city is not left out of things, however. It is linked by two connecting curves at Niederfühlbach and Dörfles-Esbach. Coming from the Froschgrundsee lake on the border between Bavaria and Thuringia, the new line reaches Theuern station north-west of Grümpen, which has passing tracks. The line runs over the bridge over Truckenthaler Wasser and through the Bleßberg Tunnel, which is around 8.3 kilometres long.

The tunnel goes under Bleßberg (862 metres high) and the Rennsteig hiking trail near Pechleite (838.5 metres high). The highest section of the line is at Goldisthal, where bridges over deep valleys alternate with tunnels. North of the Oelze the line descends again. The Silberberg Tunnel, which is around 7.4 kilometres long, goes under the town of Großbreitenbach and the protected Upper Möhrenbach Valley. A 1,681-metre bridge spans the Ilm Valley between Langewiesen and Gehren.

It leads to Ilmenau station at Wümberg. At Trassdorf the new line meets the A71 motorway. For about 23 kilometres the railway and the road run in parallel. West of Molsdorf and Möbisburg the line runs via Erfurt-Bischleben to Erfurt. This keeps it out of the Möbisburg water catchment area. The new line runs between the Bischleben and Hochheim districts of Erfurt and links up with the existing Bebra-Erfurt line, the western approach to the state capital. Two additional tracks are going to be built on this three-track section.

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