German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

Planning approval phase (PFA) 11/14/15: Nuremberg – Fürth phase

(Photomontage: DB AG)

As the first section to be upgraded, the Nuremberg-Fürth section has been four-track throughout, with two fast, one local and one rapid transit track, since 21 November 2011. The new lines have gone a long way towards relieving the previous rail traffic bottleneck. The result is more trains and better punctuality. Two new tracks have been laid on a 7.6 km section between Nuremberg and Fürth and the existing tracks upgraded. 30 new sets of points have been installed. The embankment on a 1,750 metre length between Schwabacher Strasse and Rothenburger Strasse had to be widened, using about 60,000 cubic metres of infill. New bridges take the line across Schwabacher Strasse, where a new tunnel has also been included, across Rothenburger Strasse with the new rapid transit stop, and across the Frankenschnellweg motorway, one north and one south of the existing route. Noise barriers have been erected on both sides of the track for several kilometres for the first time. The subway at Fürth station was widened considerably as far as the new platform.

(Photomontage: DB AG)

As the project progresses, the railway bridges to the north of Fürth station and on the Fürth curve over the Schwabacher Strasse, the seven-arched bridge over the Rednitz valley, the bridges over the Scherbsgraben, Heuweg, Vacher Strasse, Würzburger Strasse and the Regnitz valley were or are being extended with new structures or completely rebuilt. A new bridge takes the Hardstrasse across the railway.

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