German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

Alterations to Leipzig Hauptbahnhof

The integration of VDE 8 into the Leipzig railway hub requires extensive engineering work, which started in 2012 and should be completed on commissioning of the Erfurt – Leipzig/Halle section in 2015. Within this context, the platforms at Leipzig Hauptbahnhof will have to be lengthened, extensive track modifications undertaken between the point at which the new line reaches the north of Leipzig and Leipzig Hauptbahnhof, and their integration into the new electronic signalling system.

In future, Leipzig Hauptbahnhof will have six efficient platforms (10 to 15) for trans-European high-speed trains (TEN-HGV) which meet TSI demands (TSI = Technical Specifications of Interoperability, a European system of standards intended to guarantee the non-discriminatory international use of rail networks by all RUs). The following measures will be taken to meet these requirements:

  • Lengthening platforms 12 to 15 to 420 m
  • Lengthening platforms 10/11 to 370 m
  • Removal of bay platform 10a
  • Creation of a uniform platform height of 76 cm above the running surface of the rail
  • Integration of a guide system for the blind
  • Upgrading and adaptation of the signposting system and replacement of platform fittings

Platforms 12 to 15 were taken out of service when the City Tunnel was commissioned in December 2013, enabling preparatory construction work to begin. Rebuilding work will commence in February 2014. Platforms 12 to 14 will be returned to use in September 2014 and used by scheduled passenger services again from the next timetable change in December.

Platforms 10 and 11 will be rebuilt and work on platform 15 completed in 2015, so that all six new platforms will be available for high-speed trains when the timetable changes in December 2015.

Track plan main station Leipzig(Graphic: DB AG)
Track plan main station Leipzig(Graphic: DB AG)

Tunnels in the station throat

Expresses to and from Dresden had to pass through a tunnel in the Leipzig Hauptbahnhof station throat until September 2013. This tunnel will no longer be used when the exit towards Dresden is rebuilt (in order to permit higher arrival and departure speeds - see the section on line construction for further information). Two other tunnels (a running tunnel and the express goods tunnel) have been disused for a long time. As these engineering works are obstructing the trackbed, they are being demolished to make way for integration of VDE 8.2/8.3 into the Leipzig hub.

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