German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

Line parameters of the VDE 8.1 upgraded line

Facts and figures

Upgrading to 4-track line:  
Upgrading of line from Nuremberg to Ebensfeld including S-Bahn line between Nuremberg, Forchheim and Bamberg: 82 km
Construction of new freight train line: 13 km
Upgrading to 4-track line between Nuremberg and Fürth:  
New and upgraded long-distance tracks: 22,3 km
S-Bahn tracks from Nuremberg to Fürth 7,7 km
New and altered points: 130 sets of points
Altered platforms: 2
New platforms: 1
Altered platforms and new and altered bridges: 8

The existing electric, double-track line between Nuremberg, Bamberg and Ebensfeld is being upgraded for speeds of up to 230 km/h. In addition, this entire section of line will have four tracks. It has a total length of 95 kilometres. This includes a freight train line of approximately 13 kilometres from Nuremberg Großmarkt to the Eltersdorf junction. The construction of an approx. 6,800 metre tunnel on the freight train line in Fürth means that trains will no longer have to cross each other at Fürth's central station. Two new viaducts with a total length of 400 metres are planned. The two tunnels planned for this section have a total length of 7.3 kilometres. In total, 220 kilometres of track, 250 points and 160 bridges are being constructed or upgraded. Platforms are being built or altered at 26 stations. 25 level crossings are being removed and largely replaced with underpasses and overpasses. The whole technical infrastructure of the line will be upgraded or created from scratch.

Between Nuremberg and Fürth and between Eltersdorf and Forchheim, the line is being altered for the S-Bahn (rapid transit). Between Fürth and Eltersdorf there will be a separate S-Bahn track with sections where trains can pass each other. To allow better development of the area in the northern outskirts of the city between Nuremberg and Fürth, the new S-Bahn track turns off towards Steinach in Fürth.

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