German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

Erfurt junction line construction

Initial status

Its central location makes the Erfurt rail junction an important part of both the European infrastructure master plan and the European high-speed network. As a German Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan (BVWP) measure based on the Federal Railway Infrastructure Development Act (Bundesschienenwegeausbaugesetz), the modernised Erfurt rail junction is part of German Unity Transport Project 8 and represents an important transport and operational hub in Deutsche Bahn's line network.
It is located on the two-track, electrified line from Halle (South) to Guntershausen (line 6340) at 104.929 kilometres (104.900 on the existing line) to 109.573 kilometres (109.572 on the existing line). This line is part of Deutsche Bahn's core network. The regional line from Sangerhausen to Erfurt central station (line 6300) and the regional line from Wolkramshausen to Erfurt central station (line 6302) also terminate here. The area where tracks are being upgraded and new tracks laid is located within the city of Erfurt, the capital of the Free State of Thuringia. The main line cuts through the city from east to west. Starting at the central station, the construction area extends primarily to the east. A small part of the area extends for about 1,000 metres to the west.

Planned status

As a result of the integration of the new lines at Erfurt central station, the entire track plan has had to be redesigned. The route taken by the two tracks of line 6340 into the station has been altered. The tracks of line 5919 are being rerouted up to the new overpass over lines 6300 and 6302. From that point, there will be two through tracks parallel to the main tracks on the south and north sides. The final status of Erfurt central station will include further points and crossovers immediately to the east of the station's concourse and to the west up to the planning boundary to section 3250 at 109.573 kilometres (line 6340).
The completion of Erfurt station involved the installation of further points and crossings to the immediate east and west of the train shed, extending to the phase 3250 planning boundary at km 109.573 (line 6340).

Plan 2017 (Graphic: DB AG)
Future construction site
Future construction site (Photo: DB AG)

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