German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

Halle (Saale) railway hub
Electronic signalling centre with
track layout redesign

(Video: DB AG)

Facts and figures

Section length: 9 km
Track: 50 km
Points: about 200 sets
Line 6350, km 1,807:
Approximate length 86m
Reconstruction/upgrading of civil engineering works: 9
Track 318 retaining wall: 72 m
Retaining wall at the Birkhahnweg railway bridge: 172 m
ESTW: 6 new installations
Sectioning points: 1 new installation
Substations: 2 new installations
Remote control systems: 2
Platforms: Modification due to track layout redesign
Design speed: 80/100 to 160 km/h
Northern connection to train formation facility:
Commissioning of southern
and and eastern connections to train formation facility:
Commissioning of VDE 8
through connection:
Knoten Halle Lagekarte
(Graphic: DB AG)

The upgrade of the Halle hub is providing efficient rail infrastructure which will make the entire region accessible by the trains of the future.
The objective is to cut journey times by increasing the speed of arriving, departing and non-stop trains. Halle will be served by the Munich – Berlin high-speed line by 2017.

(Graphic: DB AG)

The Halle hub extends for about nine kilometres within the town. The new Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig line (VDE [German Unity Transport Project] 8.2) will enter the hub from the south and the upgraded Halle/Leipzig – Berlin line (VDE 8.3) from the north. The whole project is intended to reinforce enhance the strategic importance of the hub and of Halle's principal station to the state of Saxony-Anhalt as a transitional point between long-distance and regional traffic.

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