German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

Traction current for train operation

(Photo: DB AG)

Facts and figures

Electronic signal boxes
11 /1
Overhead line: 340 km
Traction current power lines: 85 km
(Photo: DB AG)

Electric train operation ensures safe and reliable operational management by means of an environmentally-friendly supply of energy. There is a dedicated overhead network of 5,500 kilometres of 110 kV power lines available for this in Germany. A new power line with a length of 85 km between Weimar and Schkopau supplies traction current to the new section of line from Erfurt to Leipzig/Halle. The voltage is transformed from 110 kV to 15 kV at the new substations at Bachstädt, Saubachtal and Dörstewitz and supplied to the overhead lines above the track.

To minimise the negative impact on the scenery and avoid cutting through the landscape unnecessarily, the traction current supply line was routed parallel to existing high-voltage lines for a distance of 45 kilometres.

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