German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin


Environmental protection is being accorded very high importance during the implementation of building work. A few examples follow:

Fauna was subjected to long-term observation before construction work began, to prevent disturbance to the natural habitat of protected and rare species of animal. This has entailed the re-homing of sand lizards and bats during the construction phase and their care in their new habitat.

Zauneidechse (Foto: DB AG)

The animals will be returned to their original home on completion of the building work.

Numerous measures are planned to guarantee the protection of water during and after the construction work, including:

  • Drainage systems for all the track and points affected.
  • Modification of existing drains and ditches to the new track geometry.
  • All the water collected will soak into the construction site.
  • Two new rainwater retention ponds, a soakaway and a tank sewer will be provided to ensure this.
  • Three existing soakaways will be enlarged.

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