German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

The construction method

The soil has to be compressed dynamically in a former open-cast mine. The track deck is being built as a prestressed concrete superstructure section by section starting at the two end points, the abutments. Launch girders are being used cyclically across the valley. The supports and arches for the superstructure are being constructed in advance.

(Photo: DB AG)

Construction traffic accesses the construction site from the public road network via a network of construction roads that are generally completely removed afterwards. The eastern approach remains as an escape route to the western portal of the Osterberg Tunnel. Five farm tracks and the Dissau have to be rerouted, the new Dissau without bank reinforcements. Sound-absorbing mats are placed under the tracks for the entire length of the bridge to dampen the noise from the trains. In addition, Wetzendorf and Karsdorf in the south are shielded by a noise barrier. Compensation and replacement measures over a large area compensate for the unavoidable impact on the natural environment. All work is being carried out in accordance with the planning approval decision in which all the affected municipalities, authorities and members of the public were involved.

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