German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

Construction progress

Work on rerouting an overhead power line began in 2005. The prestressed concrete superstructure of the 576.50 metre long Scherkonde Viaduct was built section by section, starting at the abutments. The substructures, foundations, abutments and supports were built in advance of the superstructure. The superstructure was built using a launch girder. 

(Photo: DB AG)

A construction road with a length of 2.5 kilometres was built to provide access to the site. The construction road will be downgraded to a road alongside the railway line on completion of the construction work. At the Großbrembach reservoir an elevated construction road was built above the highest water level of the reservoir with a cofferdam. This construction road will be completely removed on completion of the construction work. All construction work is carried out based on a planning approval agreement following a public process that must include all affected municipalities, authorities and members of the public. For this reason, the negative impact on the ecosystem and scenery is being counteracted in accordance with the landscape management plan as soon as possible by implementing compensation and replacement measures. In preparation for the construction work, landscaping work started in 2007 to create a habitat for white storks with a square area of 17 hectares.

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