German Unity Transport Project 8

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Compensation measure at Karsdorf

This measure compensates for the encroachment into the ecosystem caused by the Unstrut Viaduct.

(Photo: DB AG)

The aim of the measure is to create a side arm of the Unstrut through which water only flows in the event of flooding of a first-order waterway.

Provision of a habitat for numerous water birds and insects and a safe habitat for young fish, and improvement of the structural diversity of the landscape

Size: around 1 ha, 10,000 cubic metres of soil extracted, depth of up to 2.5 metres

Measures: landscaping/profiling of the banks, seeding of the banks, layers of rocks placed by the inlet and outlet to the Unstrut to protect the environment, hydraulic calculations, soil survey, agreements with all affected authorities in the Burgenland district and the office in charge of flood protection and water management

Start of measure: 2007

Work continuing until 2010

The site is also to be used by people for recreational purposes in the summer months.

Cars are banned.

Company carrying out the work on behalf of DB PB: Landschaftspflegehof Karsdorf

(Photo: DB AG)

On the initiative of Deutsche Bahn, 600 sheep graze in the valuable meadows full of orchids in the Unstrut Valley. This is one of many accompanying landscape conservation measures designed to compensate for the encroachment into the natural environment caused by the construction of the Unstrut Viaduct, which is 2.7 kilometres long.

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