German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

The new line from Erfurt to Leipzig/Halle

(Video: DB AG)
(Video: DB AG)

This is a standard-gauge, double-track electrified railway line for high-speed passenger and freight traffic. It has a total length of 123 kilometres.

(Graphic: DB AG)

Facts and figures

Line length: 123 km
Design speed: 300 km/h
Tunnels: 3
(a total of 15.4 km)
Viaducts: 6
(a total of 14.4 km)
Completed: 23 km Gröbers–Leipzig
Commissioning: December 2015
Information centres/points: 4

The track layout is designed for a maximum speed of 300 kilometres per hour. The line initially runs from Erfurt central station parallel to the existing line but then branches off to the north east by Vieselbach and runs through the Thuringian Basin over the Scherkonde Viaduct by Krautheim and the Gänsebach Viaduct by Buttstädt.

In its central section, it runs through the Finne range of hills, where there are tunnels with a total length of 15.4 kilometres. The Finne Tunnel is the longest one on this section of line. The line then goes over the Saubach Viaduct and through the Bibra Tunnel. The Unstrut Viaduct crosses the wide valley floor by Karsdorf and is immediately followed by the Osterberg Tunnel. The line then goes over the Stöbnitz Viaduct on the Querfurt Plateau, followed by a viaduct over the Saale-Elster floodplain south of Halle towards the east and Leipzig. On this viaduct, the line branches off towards the north and Halle and joins the existing line from Weißenfels to Halle. The approach to Halle is being completely reconstructed with two new tracks.

The line towards Leipzig goes to the municipality of Gröbers, where it joins the existing line from Halle to Leipzig. Freight trains leave the new line at this point and continue towards Leipzig on the existing line. From this point there are tracks for freight trains to the air-freight and freight distribution centre and the Leipzig-Wahren container terminal, for example. Passenger trains will in future use the 23 km new section of line between Gröbers and Leipzig, which was completed in 2003.

(Photo: DB AG)

It crosses the Schkeuditz motorway intersection (the A9 Nuremberg-Berlin motorway and the A 14 Magdeburg-Dresden motorway) and runs parallel to the A 14 via the Leipzig airport/Halle and Leipzig Messe stations to Leipzig central station, where it joins the existing Leipzig-Berlin line.

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