German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

50 Hz

In conjunction with the traction current supply system, the supply of energy from the public medium- and low-tension grid forms the basis for the 50 Hz power supply for the VDE 8.1.2 Ebensfeld-Erfurt railway line.

Facts and figures

DB Energie substations: 17 
Meter connection points:
DNB Netz substations, standby generators from 16.7 Hz overhead line: 21 
DB Netz substations, standby generators from 16.7 Hz overhead line: 11 
Energy supply cable: 495 km
Substation Eierberge Tunnel (Photo: DB AG)

17 medium-tension substations (TST) and seven low-tension meter connection points (ZAS) supply the 50 Hz current for technical railway equipment.

Railway installations such as electronic signalling centres (ESTW), which control rail traffic and safeguard both the exchange of data between the dispatcher (Fdl) in the rail operating centre (ROC) and the line many kilometres away, GSM-R systems, which provide the railway-specific radio network, or hot box detectors (HOA), which check the safety of axleboxes of passing trains, are important elements for ensuring safe, smooth rail traffic operation.

The power supply for emergency lighting in tunnels, illuminated safety signs, shore power supply points for emergencies and machinery, local OLE control installations, overhead line voltage test installations (OLSP), control and signalling systems (MAS and TÜZ) and intruder and fire alarms in the 22 tunnels also represent a challenge.

A further 11 substations supply the electric point heaters (EWHA) on the relief loops, using the 15 kV/16.7 Hz supply from the overhead line.

21 standby generators (NEA) back up the energy supply for electronic signalling and GSM-R systems if the normal power supply fails. If necessary, such installations will also convert the existing 16.7 Hz traction current from the overhead line to the 50 Hz supply required.

About 1,200 km of cable is being laid for the distribution of energy and transfer of data.

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