German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

upgraded track layout

The upgrade involves thorough modernisation of the track layout and systems in five major phases of construction (BA1-BA5). As well as the established Halle Hauptbahnhof with platforms on the east and west side for local and long-distance passenger traffic, the entire hub also includes a modern train formation facility (ZBA), depots and a large freight terminal.
The most important parts of the project are the improvement of the existing track layout and equipping the entire hub with an electronic signalling system (ESTW) and a new catenary system. This will replace the existing signal boxes, some of which cannot be upgraded, with an electronic signalling system.


  • Installation of ESTW-A at Halle North and ESTW-A Halle East at the Halle East signalling sub-centre
  • Extension of the Halle West sub-master centre by ESTW-A Halle West
  • Separate, locally-operated ESTW-A and hump system for the train formation facility


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