German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

The Bibra Tunnel

The Bibra Tunnel is located between the completed Saubach Viaduct, which is 248 metres long, and the Unstrut Viaduct (2,668 metres long, 50 meters high) by Karsdorf.

Bibra Tunnel: The Porr ballastless track system in January 2013
Bibra Tunnel: The Porr ballastless track system in January 2013 (Photo: DB AG)

Facts and figures

Tunnel length: 2 x 6,466 m
Cross-section: approx. 86 m2
Distance between the track centres: 25 m
Minimum depth below the surface: 15 m
Maximum depth below the surface: 50 m
Rescue tunnels (every 500 m): 13
Construction roads: 10 km
Construction site area: 8 ha
Excavated material: 1.4 m m³
Design speed: 300 km/h
Planned completion (structural work): 2012
(Photo: DB AG)
(Graphic: DB AG)
(Photo: DB AG)

The Saubachtal Viaduct to the south serves as a construction road between the Finne Tunnel and the Bibra Tunnel. The 6,466-meter Bibra Tunnel is being constructed as a double-tube tunnel, as are all of the tunnels on this new section of line. The track centres in the two single-track tubes are 20 to 25 metres apart.

(Graphic: DB AG)

In addition, there are a variety of earthworks involved, including drainage and rainwater retention basins, and a road bridge before the east portal. The surplus material is being used for landscaping near the east portal, which saves transport miles.

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