German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

The Finne Tunnel project

This project involves building two single-track tunnel tubes, each of which is 6,970 metres long.

Finne Tunnel portal west in January 2013 (Photo: DB AG)

Facts and figures

Tunnel length: 2 x 6,970 m
Tunnel tube diameters: 9.6 m
Distance between the track centres: 25 m
Minimum depth below the surface (Schnecktal): 3 m
Maximum depth below the surface: 65 m
Rescue tunnels: 13 at a maximum spacing of 500 m
Construction roads: 15 km
Construction site area: 14,5 ha
Excavated material: 1.4 m m³
Design speed: 300 km/h
Planned completion (structural work): 2011
(Graphic: DB AG)
(Photo: DB AG)

The two tubes are linked at 500-metre intervals by rescue tunnels equipped with lock systems.

(Graphic: DB AG)

At the north-east portal, there is a cutting with a length of around 1000 metres in which the Saubach overtaking station is located.

Access was provided by 15 km of new site roads, used mainly by lorries carrying spoil with which the three terrain models were constructed, using over 1.4 million cubic metres of solid material.

A self-contained water supply for driving the tunnel was available over part of the line, fed by boreholes up to 80 m deep alongside the trackbed. Construction commenced in December 2006 and the fabric was completed in 2011.

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