German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin

The Osterberg Tunnel project

This tunnel comes after the Unstrut Viaduct, which is currently under construction (length: 2,668 metres, height: 50 metres).

(Graphic: DB AG)

Facts and figures

Tunnel length: 2 x 2.082 m
Cross-section: approx. 86 m2
Distance between the track centres: 15 – 55m
Min./max. depth below the surface: 3m / 35m
Rescue tunnels (every 400 m): 4
Construction roads: approx. 3,5km
Construction site area: 36.000m²
Excavated material: 1,1 m m³
Design speed: 300 km/h
Planned completion (structural work): 2012
(Grafik: DB AG)

A short cutting (length: 43 metres) provides access to two tunnel tubes, both of which are 2,082 metres long. At the east end they emerge into a cutting with a depth of 18 metres. The line climbs for 500 metres until it reaches ground level, where the next line construction lot starts.

Cutting at the east end
Cutting at the east end (Photo: DB AG)
Cutting at the east end, continued
Cutting at the east end, continued (Photo: DB AG)

The Osterberg Tunnel construction lot includes the two portals, the surface drainage system, roads alongside the track, emergency access roads and a retaining wall adjacent to the protected FFH area of the dry slopes by Steigra (Trockenhänge bei Steigra).

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