German Unity Transport Project 8

 Nuremberg – Erfurt – Halle/Leipzig – Berlin


Completion of the project will align the hub with the efficiency of the incoming upgraded and new lines and the volume of rail traffic anticipated by the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan.
All the measures commissioned are intended to maintain great strategic and transport importance of the Halle (Saale) hub.
The upgrade includes the provision of new track, overhead line equipment, points, signal boxes, level crossings and railway bridges. Old signal boxes will be replaced by modern systems. In future, several new electronic signal boxes – linked to the Leipzig control centre – will control rail traffic through the Halle hub in future.

Project goals

  • Modification of the track layout in several construction phases (50 km of track and 200 sets of points)
  • Modification of substructures, drainage, overhead line equipment and point heating systems
  • Reconstruction of the Halle Hauptbahnhof (East) sub-master station and extension of the Halle Hauptbahnhof (West) sub-master station
  • Reconstruction and modification of level crossing safety systems
  • Reconstruction and modification of passenger facilities (e.g. platforms) at Halle Hauptbahnhof and other stations on the line
  • Removal of a level crossing by combining a bridge over a footpath with the road bridge on the B100
  • New and upgraded railway bridges, flyovers and retaining structures
  • New sectioning point, two new substations and remote control systems
  • Implementation of active and passive noise protection measures and the provision of compensatory measures

The Halle hub is being upgraded in five construction phases:

(Graphic: DB AG)

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